Simple ways to teach the art of apologizing

As with most characteristics we want our children to grow in, humility - specifically apologizing - is something we must lead by example in. Not solely apologizing to them when you have messed up (though that is very important) but also modeling it in your marriage and in your relationships. Our kids see and pick … Continue reading Simple ways to teach the art of apologizing

Sam’s quarantine 3rd birthday

We celebrated our boy turning three yesterday. While it was different than any other birthday we’ve celebrated for him, we made the best out of it! We decorated the house with balloons and banners, the girls even made him a DIY piñata without me knowing. It was the sweetest thing. A trash bag tied to … Continue reading Sam’s quarantine 3rd birthday

Life In The Slow Lane

I don’t feel this overwhelming sense of “not doing enough” with the time I have anymore. We are together all day long, with nowhere to be. So we can read and pray together in the mornings, talk about God “as we lie down”, and “as we walk along the road” - bringing him where ever we go. We can go for a hike and just wander, not aware at all of what time it is......