Looking Back On 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, I want to take some time to look back and honor all that God has given us in this past year. It’s been quite a year for us! We started off the year by going to great wolf lodge in Massachusetts. Skylar had a blast in the kiddy area and went down her first water slide, and Hayden spent lots of time in the wave pool, and the lazy river!



On May 7th we welcomed our baby boy Sammy into the family, it was my first time going into labor without having to be induced which I was SO grateful for. He was much bigger than we were thinking he would be – weighing in at 9 pounds 15 ounces. And yes, when people asked how big he was I took the credit and said 10 pounds! The transition of bringing Sam home from the hospital could not have gone better, our girls absolutely adore him and he has been the dreamiest, most easy-going, chillest baby ever! We continue to fall more in love with him each day.





Our sweet Hayden turned SIX years old on May 28th and seeing as I was only a couple of weeks postpartum we had a low key mermaid themed cook out on the lake. I feel like Hayden has grown up SO much this year, the difference between this time last year and now is immense. She is such a joy to be around. There is a noticeable difference in the house when she is home from school. She brings so much laughter, joy, excitement, love, and compassion to our family. We are so grateful for her example to her younger siblings, and to us!


It was a busy summer, chasing around a 21 month old and caring for a newborn, but we are here – all still alive and well! I am thankful for Hayden, she has been such a great helper stepping up to take care of her sister while I tended to Sammy. We took trips to the zoo, old sturbridge village, breezy picnic grounds, and spent many days at the pool and at my parents house on the lake.







In August Skylar Grace turned two and we had a fun watermelon pool party with some of our friends and family, and she even got to go down the waterslide!



We had her favorite mac and cheese for her birthday dinner :).


Hayden got her first hair cut! I’m so sad to say that cutting it got rid of most of her girls, but it needed to be done! She was such a big girl and was so excited!


After God answering some very specific prayers in the fall, Mitchell took a new position outside of Hartford, CT. We put our house on the market and after the first open house we had over 12 offers! God really reassured us that His plan was for us to be in CT.

IMG_5567 (2017-12-04T02_22_22.585)

2017-09-17_10-52-59_360 (2017-09-29T18_24_22.155)-2

Our last day at our house on Jackson Street! I got to go into Hayden’s class on her last day before we moved, there were lots of tears shed but Hayden felt so loved by her friends and was assured we would see them again!



Our new home! I know I have a black and white theme going here, but it’s just too pretty like this :)! We have really been enjoying settling into our new home, and making it ours. The girls got new bunkbeds which they LOVE and I am hopeful that sharing a room together will continue to strengthen the bond they already have. We have already hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas and a few dinner parties and we absolutely love it here! Being away from our friends is hard but we are looking forward to building new relationships here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 6.27.15 AM

We had our best Christmas yet, this year. I don’t know what it was about this year, but our time together on Christmas morning and throughout this past week has just felt more special. We have had lots of dance parties, lots of pretend play, a couple movie nights, lots of laughing, and just really great time spent together. A great way to end our 2017!






2018 we are ready for you!


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