Favorite Baby Essentials

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting seasons in life. Putting together a nursery, making a registry, thinking of names…all of it is so exciting! It can get overwhelming pretty easily though, especially with all the “baby must haves” lists on Pinterest. It can get confusing! I think today it can be really easy to accumulate a bunch of meaningless stuff that really just takes up space in our homes and leaves less money in our bank accounts! Each baby we had we tried to consolidate the “stuff” we acquired, and for round 3 of having a baby in the house we really strived to be more minimal in what we brought home in regards to baby gear. Below are a few of my favorite baby essentials, things that we use often and work really well for us.

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OneAden and Anais Easy Swaddle. All of our babies loved to be swaddled, and often times when I would try and swaddle them with a muslin blanket – they would escape! We found that we liked the Aden and Anais easy swaddles best. Our babies rarely would break free, the prints they have were adorable, and the material is super soft and keeps the baby warm! And for when they grow out of being swaddled the sleep sacks are perfect! Babies shouldn’t sleep with big blankets so this is the perfect solution, it keeps the baby warm without any hazards.

TwoStella And Lu loveys. I found Stella and Lu just after Skylar was born and purchased one of their loveys! It quickly turned into Skylar’s favorite thing to cuddle with. Sky has a couple loveys and as soon as Sammy was ready for one we got him one too! We love the fabric of them, they are SO soft and cozy.

Three⇒ The original ergobaby carrier. I have tried many different carriers, wraps, slings etc.  And my ergo is by far my favorite! With three kiddos in tow, when I am getting them all unloaded to go into a store I need something that is quick and easy for me to get Sammy into. My favorite part about it is there is no guess work, I don’t need to worry about it being too tight or too loose as I’m putting it on. Which is one reason why I am not a huge fan of the slings and wraps. (Don’t get me wrong, I did like them..but just not as much as my ergo!) The ergo is a must have for sure!

Four⇒ Grovia Hybrid Cloth Diapers. Now, obviously cloth diapering is not for everyone. However if you are planning on cloth diapering – Grovia is where it’s at! The quality and over all uniformity and simplicity of the hybrid system is so amazing. I can go more into detail on cloth diapering if it would help anyone out. Let me know!

Five⇒ 4moms mamaRoo. I wish I had invested in one before my third baby! With Hayden and Skylar we had both the swing and a little bouncy seat I could sit them in, but with Sam we really liked the idea of the mamaRoo. It took the place of both of those products and saved us a ton of space! It has 5 different motions, is sleek and modern looking, and doesn’t take up a ton of space. We used it for about 5 months, however Sammy is a really big baby so I’m sure average babies could fit in it longer than 5 months!

Six⇒ Bumbo seat. We still have our bumbo seat that we got as a gift from my baby shower for Hayden back in 2010! We use the bumbo seat from about age 3 months to…well Skylar still uses it as a booster seat! This is one of our favorite baby products and I feel like it is definitely worth the investment. We have used it as a seat to help them to sit up, a seat to feed them in, a booster seat etc. Its awesome!

Seven⇒Boppy pillow. This is another item that grows with our babies. We use the boppy pillows all the way up until our babies are crawling around. First being used to assist with nursing, to propping baby up, laying them in it on the bed while I get dressed, and currently as a barrier in case Sam falls over while sitting on the floor. He is almost 8 months old and its something we use almost every day.

Eight⇒Babywise. THIS. This book is everything. It has absolutely been a life saver for us. We used the baby wise method with all of our babies and all of our kiddos were on a schedule, sleeping 12 hours a night by 7-8 weeks, and most importantly super happy and chill babies. Being able to anticipate what our tomorrow will flow like every day for both us and our babies is so beneficial for both parties! I cannot say enough good things about this book and the method. I would also be happy to go into more detail about how we implement the baby wise method in our house, if it would help anyone!

I hope this will be of help to someone who is expecting their first, or their third baby! I would love to hear what some of your favorite baby essentials are as well!


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    1. Hi Valerie! I am currently working on a post regarding baby wise and will post within the next couple days!


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