Our Charleston Trip

Our first trip to Charleston is in the books! We stayed in a great little airbnb rental 100 yards from the beach, and thank goodness it had a pool and a hot tub! The temperatures were record lows the couple of days we were there, so the hot tub really came in handy. Even though it was dreary and raining, we still got to explore a bit of the city and squeeze in a couple short beach trips.

IMG_6189.jpg BLGIMG_6190.jpgBLGIMG_6198.jpgBLGIMG_6240.jpgBLGIMG_6209.jpgBLGIMG_6247.jpgBLGIMG_6254.jpgBLGIMG_6262.jpgBLGIMG_6251.jpgBLGIMG_6316.jpgBLGIMG_6338.jpgBLGIMG_6307.jpgBLGIMG_6270.jpgBLGIMG_6336.jpgBLGIMG_6345.jpgBLGIMG_6357.jpgBLGIMG_6356.jpgBLGIMG_6383.jpgBLGIMG_6392.jpgBLGIMG_6400.jpgBLGIMG_6402.jpgBLGIMG_6409.jpgBLGIMG_6411.jpgBLGIMG_6414.jpgBLGIMG_6428.jpgBLGIMG_6431.jpgBLGIMG_6439.jpgBLG

We loved exploring Charleston and will definitely be back!







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