12 Parenting Resources You Should Utilize

As a mom of three I am always reading parenting books and using resources to plan how we will disciple and train our children in our daily lives. I am passionate and I believe in these resources, we frequently use these and the principles taught! Here are some of our favorite parenting resources (with the links) that we have read, continue to read and utilize.



Give Them Grace ⇒ Dazzling your kids with the love of Jesus! This book not only helps us to extend God’s grace to our kids in our daily lives but reminds us to dwell in His grace in our parenting too.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart ⇒ One of my all time favorites, I am sure if you have talked with me about parenting – I have mentioned this book! A heart based approach to discipline and training our children to know and love Jesus – a few of the main pillars we have chosen to build our parenting foundation on.

The Strong-Willed Child ⇒Having not one or two but three very strong willed children, this book has really been helpful for us in building convictions on discipline and learning what our children need from us.

Raising Awesome Kids In Troubled Times ⇒I love how this book gives such great practical examples and advice. I am a practical learner and this book really lays it out and gives great tips on how to create a spiritual family culture.

Good Enough Parenting ⇒ A Christian perspective on meeting core emotional needs and avoiding exasperation. There is a lot of meat in this book, lots of teaching and training on how to meet your children’s emotional needs and avoid overwhelming or overbearing them.

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Kidsofintegrity.com ⇒ I use this SO often for planning out our weeks/months. They have great devotional ideas, lessons, practicals, crafts etc. that we implement into our weekly activities!

Focusonthefamily.com ⇒ I listen to the focus on the family podcast frequently and love to read articles posted on here about marriage and parenting.



Focus On The Family Parenting Podcast ⇒ Another focus on the family resource! I am really grateful for this company and how many different tools they provide for parents.

Simple Families Podcast ⇒ This podcast is really special, I have implemented many of Denaye’s philosophies and parenting styles into our family and home. Simple Families “advocates for taking a holistic approach to helping families be physically, emotionally, and relationally healthy.”

Parenting Great Kids Podcast Dr. Meg Meeker “helps parents who are trying to navigate children through a world they themselves don’t often understand. She helps moms and dads simplify what can often feel overwhelming.”

Don’t Mom Alone Podcast ⇒ Heather MacFadyen speaks honestly and says “Motherhood is hard. Having four boys in such a short period of time is down right ridiculous. The needs are great. The sacrifices are many. Because of all the comforts and conveniences I’ve give up being a mom, I cling to my rights. I stubbornly demand to remain at the center of my life.”

Risen Motherhood Podcast ⇒ In this podcast these women talk motherhood and bring it back to the gospel. “Risen Motherhood exists to encourage, equip and challenge moms to apply the gospel to their everyday lives.” A must listen!

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