Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

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#1 Play-Doh There are always buckets of rock solid play-doh in our house, and I am sure we are not alone. So you can’t go wrong with gifting play-doh this year!

#2 Balance Stepping Stones – These are great imagination boosters and great for getting kid’s bodies moving indoors, these will be under our tree for our 1.5 year old this year!

#3 Wooden Train Tracks – Another gift where you can’t go wrong! Train tracks are a surefire way to get our children’s imagination going with endless possibilities of pretend play!

#4 Peg Board Shapes Puzzle – We have this in our play room and our 1.5 year old and three year old love using this to practice sorting and using fine motor skills!

#5 Rainbow Balance Toy – This is also a toy we have in our house, its great for experimenting with balancing and weight. Plus it doubles as blocks to build with!

#6 Solid Wood Building Blocks – A pillar for open ended play with endless possibilities for pretend play!

#7 Musical Instruments – Making music is not only fun and enjoyable for kids, but healthy for their motor skills and senses too, this is another gift that will be under our tree this year!

#8 Playsilks – These play silks come in lots of different colors and give lots of opportunity to use our imagination! From a princess dress, a bride’s vail, a superhero’s cape, to a fort for our children’s dolls, the options are unlimited!

#9 Duplo LEGO Bricks – Great for fine motor skills and a family favorite!

#10 Twistable Crayons – Regular crayons last about 3 minutes in our house, either our puppy eats them or our toddler breaks them in half. These are my favorite crayons!

#11 Unicorn Coloring Book – I don’t think there is a 2-5 year old out there who does not love unicorns! Coloring is one of our favorite things to do in our house and this will be under our tree on christmas morning!

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#1 Tracing Light Pad – I had one of these as a kid and remember loving it, if you have a child on your Christmas list that likes to draw, this is a great pick!

#2 Sherpa Pullover – These pullovers are so warm and cozy, and for a great price!

#3 Brain Quest – A blast from the past, we found these at a cafe the other day and our family enjoyed quizzing each other during lunch and I am sure we will be using these at home now too!

#4 Knee High Socks – My 7 year old put these on her Christmas list, I am sure any 5-10 year old little girl would love these!

#5 My Meaningful Life Jounral – I found this in one of our local toy stores this fall and knew that this would be a great gift for christmas for our daughter. It has lots of great thought prompts and conversation starters!

#6 Playsilks – I put these in with the 5-10 year olds as well because this really is such a versatile gift, comes in lots of different colors too!

#7 Nylon Kitchen Knife Set – Will chop food but won’t cut skin! My seven year old is always asking to help cook so these will be under our tree this year!

#8 Watercolor Book – Another great gift for the artist in your life! My daughter loves this book.

#9 Magnetiles – These are very versatile and can be used by all ages and stages to build ice cream cones, pizza’s, houses, and the like!

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