5 Simple Habits For Living Purposefully As A Family In 2019

⇒ Keeping a routine. If you are new here, I love a routine and wholeheartedly believe that keeping a routine is one of the best things we can do for our families. We already have a pretty good rhythm that works for us within our family and we will be tweaking it and making changes as needed as our family grows in 2019! If you missed it, here is my three reasons to get your family into a daily rhythm post.

⇒ A balancing act. Our culture pushes us to always be doing something, on the go, on the move. This year we are going to keep an eye on the amount of activities we choose to partake in and how it is affecting our family. That may mean choosing to say no as a family to some events, keeping our schedule open for quality time together, time to rest and rejuvenate, time for our kids to just be kids and time for us to just breath and enjoy the moment.

⇒Family meetings. Whether it includes our kids or not we will be meeting together monthly to discuss our family dynamic, how our relationships with each other are, what we can work on etc.

⇒Technology boundaries. Putting down the screen and enjoying the moment. We will be coming up with agreed upon boundaries to set in place in regards to technology. This will mostly effect my husband and I, our kids don’t have screen time other than TV on the weekends but my husband and I will be taking a step back from our phones for sure!

⇒ Saying YES more often! Yes to a movie night, yes to making a fort, yes to things that only children would ask to do, yes as much as we can! Sometimes I find myself saying no not for a good reason, but simply just to say no. I want my kids to know that when I do say no it is for a good reason.


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