7 Phrases To Say To Your Children

You should be proud of yourself!

Our children need to know that we are proud of them, but there confidence cannot reside only in our opinion of them. Helping them to feel proud of themselves for accomplishing something will build confidence.

I see you worked really hard on this.

Putting an emphasis on the effort they put into things instead of focusing on results or performance.

I believe in you. 

What we speak of them, they will believe about themselves!

Let’s try that again.

Do overs are such a positive training tool that we can use, especially with strong willed children!

You don’t have to eat it, but you do have to try it. 

We get it, there are certain things we don’t like to eat either, but if we cooked it and are asking them to try it we should expect that they at least give it a try. And if they don’t like it, that’s okay!

Do you want to put your shoes on yourself, or do you want me to put them on?

Giving children the ability to make choices themselves, when appropriate is a necessity. Again, especially with strong willed children (I have three myself) to give them the option to make decisions for themselves is a great confidence builder.

If you got up, you can get down! 

I mentioned this phrase in my post about raising confident little girls, this is a common phrase in our house we use to build our children’s confidence. Allowing them to accomplish things “by themselves” aids in building self confidence in our kids!


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