Life In The Slow Lane

Before I start I feel the need to acknowledge that I know our experience during this quarantine is much different than a lot of families. I know there are people hurting, people suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. My heart hurts for those who are suffering. And we are so grateful for all of the heroes on the front lines right now, saving peoples lives each day. Within this post I am addressing our families new normal and what it has taught us. What questions it has put on my heart and what we have learned so far during this time.

Each day, God has been revealing to me more and more things that caused me to have an anxious heart, before this time of rest. I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist which I would have never seen had we not been forced to slow down and be together all the time. It’s been beautiful.

I have noticed myself not being overwhelmed by a messy house, not feeling the need to take control when my eight year old wants to crack the eggs for the cake batter. In fact, as I sit here writing this – she has made a batch of brownies by herself and is now doing the dishes. What!? Anyways, I have become more flexible in our daily routines; bedtime is 7:00 and sometimes it is 7:20 and the kids are still playing outside. This is growth for me!

God is allowing me to enjoy this space He has given us, this time to just be together and get to know each other on a deeper level. I have watched my two daughter’s relationship blossom and grow. I am finding joy in the little things, coloring with my kids, letting them use the sewing machine to make things they absolutely will not use by next week, doing the dishes, watching my kids play outside, and I have discovered the joy that fills my heart while homeschooling my children.

I don’t feel this overwhelming sense of “not doing enough” with the time I have anymore. We are together all day long, with nowhere to be. So we can read and pray together in the mornings, talk about God “as we lie down”, and “as we walk along the road” – bringing him where ever we go. We can go for a hike and just wander, not aware of what time it is. I don’t have to squeeze it all into the 3 hours we have together after school and before bed. I feel free and I have this overwhelming sense that this is how it is supposed to be, this is what my soul has been craving.

God will use this moment of stillness in our lives to teach us, whether we let it penetrate our hearts or not. He is using this time to show us something, what is He showing you? Maybe He wants you to use this time to grow in your stillness, your patience with your kids, your appreciation of the little things, to work on your marriage, and just maybe we have the opportunity to become a whole lot more like the person He created us to be.

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