20 Simple no prep activities for kids

Today I’m sharing some simple and easy activities we have done with our kids recently. I hope this gives you some fun ideas!

  1. Draw a road/town in your driveway with sidewalk chalk for your kids to scooter in
  2. Build a fort
  3. Fill a bucket with water and put a few toys/cups in it
  4. Write encouraging messages on your neighborhood sidewalk
  5. Bake something together
  6. Have a dance party
  7. Dress your dolls, change clothes, do their hair etc.
  8. Set out play dough in an unexpected place for them
  9. Let them water your plants
  10. Have a tea party with real tea and treats
  11. Build a fairy house using sticks, rocks, leaves etc.
  12. Have a picnic in the yard
  13. Have a mud pie baking contest
  14. Set out art supplies on your dining table and have a craft time with all members of your family.
  15. Get out card board, scissors, glue and pipe cleaners (or other items you may have) and see what your kids come up with.
  16. Play a board game
  17. Take a trip to the beach
  18. Go on a nature walk
  19. Make special cards to send to friends/family
  20. Paint rocks

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