Sam’s quarantine 3rd birthday

We celebrated our boy turning three yesterday. While it was different than any other birthday we’ve celebrated for him, we made the best out of it!

We decorated the house with balloons and banners, the girls even made him a DIY piñata without me knowing. It was the sweetest thing. A trash bag tied to the door with little toys in it. 😂 Sam LOVED it.

We asked Sam what he wanted for his birthday and he was consistent with his answer. Sprinkles, cake, and a motorcycle. As you can see, he spent ALL day on his new motorcycle. Even took it on the trampoline for a bit.

This is the motorcycle we got for him, he absolutely loves it. He’s a little tall for it but he still zooms around on it like it’s the best thing in the world.

Click here to see his motorcycle on amazon

We ended the day with his favorite dinner, and a zoom call with our family while we sang him happy birthday and had the cake my daughters and I made.

It was a good day. I swear he looks older today. And I am having some serious baby fever. It’s so bittersweet watching my babies turn into kids, preteens, I wish time moved slower!

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