Life In The Slow Lane

I don’t feel this overwhelming sense of “not doing enough” with the time I have anymore. We are together all day long, with nowhere to be. So we can read and pray together in the mornings, talk about God “as we lie down”, and “as we walk along the road” - bringing him where ever we go. We can go for a hike and just wander, not aware at all of what time it is......

Our 2019 Family Photos

Last year at about this time we had Sam's one year photos done and unfortunately Mitchell wasn't able to be there with us. So we knew we wanted to do another shoot this year and I am SO glad we did. My childhood friend does our photos and I just love how she captures our … Continue reading Our 2019 Family Photos

Thoughtfully Praising Our Children, And Replacing The Phrase “Good job”

Praise is an important part of parenting. Our children need encouragement from us of course, but what is the purpose of praising our children? The purpose of praise is to encourage children to continue in specific positive behaviors that produce positive outcomes. We are not focusing solely on the outcome, we are focusing on the positive … Continue reading Thoughtfully Praising Our Children, And Replacing The Phrase “Good job”